Travis Cadman and Ron Cadman

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In 2005, Travis Cadman and his brother were able to begin work under a new company, called CBI Group Investments. This is a company that offers a wide array of real estate investment products and packages to various investors found all over North America. These project range from multi-family development in Red Deer in Canada to foreclosed real estate in Arizona. It also includes retail opportunities in Alberta, and a land syndication opportunity near a large shopping centre in Alberta. All of these projects are simply opportunities for investors to obtain financial success through.

Travis Cadman and Ron Cadman were both keenly aware of what the housing crisis in the United States was going to do for real estate investment speculation. It soon became obvious to those real estate investments professionals who had been in the industry for years that there were going to be a lot of opportunities for investment profits in the aftermath of the housing crisis. Travis Cadman and his brother took action immediately, using Phoenix, Arizona, resources and contacts to compile the data and do the necessary research in order to put together a skilled team of professionals that could and would acquire foreclosed properties from various trustee sales. This new project was undertaken under the Investar body of operations.

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